The Pundamentalist



Behind the Tomato


The Pundamentalist is the pun name of Victoria BC's Graphic Designer & Illustrator Simeon Goa, who started what he calls a Drawsletter in 2015. What's a Drawsletter? It's like a newsletter but with a drawing instead of news. At its beginning Simeon had no intention of making it about visual puns. Initially it included mashups of idioms and just plain old regular drawings. Simeon realized that subscribers got a real kick out of finding, or figuring, out the answer that inspired a visual pun. It was the fun people had with the visual pun that led to the creation of The Pundamentalist's Drawsletter. The Pundamentalist has grown to include art shows, the creation of the popular calendar and products on Society 6 & Zazzle. If you have any questions feel free to contact The Pundamentalist aka Simeon through Punusual Requests. All purchases go to supporting The Drawsletter, free for all subscribers.


Do you do commissions?
Yes, make a Punusual Request to tell me more about what your idea and I will get back to you.

What is the best way to see the work?
It depends on what you are looking for. The Drawsletter is free and the best place to see all the great, and grating drawings (always family friendly), and the best way to claim an original if you are an original pun collector. Subscribers regularly mention how it is the thing they look forward to on Sundays. Sometimes The Pundamentalist has an art print show in one of the Cafe's in Victoria BC, sometimes not. Behind the scenes, process work and more is on its way in the near future.

Do you sell the originals? 
Yes, original drawings and paintings are available, make a Punusual Request for more info, and sign up for The Drawsletter as that is where the art is first featured.

What's with your logo? 
Those familiar with the artist René Magritte will appreciate the fact that the logo borrows heavily from the painting The Son of Man, with one slight alteration: the apple is a tomato. The tomato is symbolic of criticism, including the internal, and interpersonal, debates The Pundamentalist has before publication. The tomato is also symbolic of the potential risk that accompanies anyone who makes a pun out loud, never mind compulsively creates visual puns every week for hundreds of subscribers.

How long can The Pundamentalist keep this up?
The Pundamentalist has no idea.

Do you draw anything else besides puns?
Simeon does, The Pundamentalist does not!

I see that there are a couple of different styles of illustration, is that intentional?
Yes, The Pundamentalist occasionally tries out new styles to match the feeling of the pun. That being said there is a bias towards the cross hatching style or water colour painting used in many of the visual puns.

Are you on Instagram?
Yes, as the_pundamentals.